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We give you the time, attention and skills needed to diagnose and treat your particular health concern using natural, safe, effective tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This 4,000 year-old form of medicine recognizes the body’s ability to heal itself.  The key approach is identifying the root causes that are preventing the body from healing itself. TCM promotes circulation of healing substances within the body system. Herbal formulations, supplements and foods are chosen to meet the needs of your system. Acupuncture, Tuina massage, guasha, acupressure and cupping are tools we use to promote circulation of blood, oxygen and healing substances to areas in need.

We listen and respond to your unique health goals.  We offer a complimentary consultation to determine how to provide the best service. This 30 minute appointment will answer your questions and concerns about sessions, cost, and insurance coverage. Take the first step on your path to health and wellness by calling to schedule a complimentary consultation

Treatment at East West Health Center begins with a thorough evaluation to determine your unique needs. The approach is holistic, gentle and effective. The choice of natural healing therapies takes into account your medical history, lifestyle and present state of health. We instruct you on home care options that are focused on supporting your body/mind resources and ability to heal. Traditional Chinese Medicine may be used to compliment treatments given by your other medical practitioners or may be used as an alternative treatment. We will recommend referrals to health providers when indicated.

Stress management is essential to promote health, healing and happiness. Many chronic diseases are a result of chronic stress. We want to know how stress may be impacting   your health. We can then address those areas into your treatment plan. Many clients come in specifically for correction of a stress-related condition.   The mind/body recognizes the calm and safe atmosphere at East West Health and begins to switch into the healing mode. The nervous system can then allow your system to re-balance and return to proper function.

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