Manatee Pottery

1215 12th St. W., Bradenton, Fl 34205

Eileen Van Lieshout has been creating functionally artistic pottery since 2002. She is originally from California, where she earned her degree from USC. After that she moved all around the world renting studio space for pottery as she went.  Along the way she met her husband, Pete, and in 2013 they discovered the Village of the Arts in Bradenton, where they opened a gallery for 4 amazing years. Now they have relocated to San Francisco, CA and are excited to continue the adventure there!

Eileen creates all of her pieces by hand, usually by starting on her potters wheel and then adding handles or unique freehand carvings. Each piece then goes through 2 rounds of firing that each take 24 hours where the temperatures reach up to 2300F. Between these two firings she layers on glazes to create the dynamic patterns on each piece. The end result is the beautiful, original, functional art pottery that you see on this site!

All Manatee Pottery is completely functional. Each piece is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe - though hand washing is recommended when possible.  Please don’t use it on the stovetop or subject it to thermal shock (going from hot to cold suddenly, e.g, out of the oven straight into the sink).  All the glazes she uses are completely lead free and food safe.

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Manatee Pottery
1215 12th St. W., Bradenton, Fl 34205

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