Yoga Arts

1122 12th St W Bradenton, Florida 34205

Specializing in private yoga for special clients.

Yoga Arts private clients are serious athletes, busy professionals, and/or people with limiting physical conditions where participation in mainstream yoga could be a health concern. ​These sessions offer a mix of alignment based yoga with an individualized focus on subtle anatomy, strength training, flexibility, balance, breath and according client interest, philosophical insights and meditation. To schedule an appointment text or call .
​We also offer small classes in body-mind training centering on alignment and fluidity based yoga with a focus on yoga anatomy, strength, mobility, balance, breath, and mindfulness. For class roster and sign up click here.

Yoga Arts Mission

Helping people learn yoga in a natural & precise way so they enjoy the fruit of  improved flexibility, strength, alignment, balance, awareness, patience, drive and confidence. 

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Tuesday 9 AM–7 PM
Wednesday 9 AM–7 PM
Thursday 9 AM–7 PM
Friday 9 AM–7 PM
Saturday 9 AM–7 PM
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Yoga Arts
1122 12th St W Bradenton, Florida 34205